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Kosovo Operations
00 377 (0) 44 158 867
00 377 (0) 44 248 389


Iraq Operations
+ 964 (0) 780 1034 593
+ 965 (0) 927 0359


Thuraya Satellite Communication
+ 88 216 21 14 13 34
+ 88 216 67 77 09 31
+ 88 216 51 13 08 88
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Our Culture of Service…

We primarily exist to provide security and safety related products in high-risk or challenging environments.

The majority of our clients are humanitarian, diplomatic and commercial organizations operating in post conflict zones, developing countries or other high-risk environments.

We have successfully undertaken projects in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our staff are mostly multi-lingual, ethnically tolerant and drawn from a variety of backgrounds including; Police, Military, Medical and other law enforcement agencies. Our training policy is progressive and client specific.

We generally encounter an extremely low staff turnover rate, our work culture attracts and retains high caliber and loyal members of staff. We remunerate our staff members well above the national average and maintain a bonus reward and family hardship scheme.

At I.S.S. we are confident in our ability to develop and provide a service that would be capable of containing most risk elements through our risk management based approach.

Client testimonials verifying the I.S.S. quality of service are available upon request.











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